Cost of a Cat Sitter – How Much Should You Pay a Day?

Cat SittingCat sitters’ fees vary from region to region and are based on fees for nearby animal boarding. Fees are also based on which service package you choose. All cat sitters should check on the animals daily, provide fresh water and food, empty the cat litter box if necessary and spend time with the animal.

If your cat has special needs or tends to get into trouble when you are away, the cat sitter will likely recommend an extended daily visit to your home, which may cost more than the basic rate. While cat sitters are capable of administering medication, if your cat has a serious medical condition, it’s wise to consider leaving the animal with a friend or loved one. If you do not have a nearby friend, consider a boarding facility unless you have previous experience with the cat sitter and are confident the animal will receive its medication on time.

Cat sitters will play, cuddle and stroke your animal and also check the animal for any unusual developments, such as a skin irritation, an eye infection, loose stools or extreme fatigue. Be sure to give the cat sitter an emergency number for you as well as the number to your veterinarian of choice. Cat sitters will be quick to inform you if your pet takes sudden ill.

For additional fees, cat sitters are usually available to provide services such as picking up the mail, bringing in the newspaper, watering plants, caring for the lawn and relaying phone messages.

When choosing a cat sitter, check references and spend time with the sitter and your animal to be certain the two get along well.

Photo: Flickr