Cat Related Services

Cats are beloved pets, and their owners love taking care of them. Below are a list of cat-related services that owners can provide for their four legged friends.

Cat Sitting
For most people who have cats and like to go on vacation, they need someone to care for their cat(s) in their absence. This can be a cat sitter who comes to the cat owner’s home, either daily or stays at the home during the duration of the owner’s absence. Search for a local cat sitter today.

Cat Boarding
When a cat owner goes out of town, bringing the cats or kittens to a kennel or boarding facility may be a good idea. This will allow your cat to get the care and attention he or she needs while the cat owner is out of town. Additionally, the socialization of cats while in a kennel can keep your cat active.

Cat Grooming
No matter what type of cat you own, your cat can use a trip to the cat groomer every once in a while. Cats’ nails need to be trimmed, their coat needs to be washed and brushed, and their teeth need to be cleaned. Grooming can help make your cat look and smell fresh!

Why You Should Hire a Cat Sitter

When going out of town, many cat owners leave a clean litter box and plenty of food and water, and assume that feline family members can take car...

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