Tips to Find a Cat Sitter

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Hiring a cat sitter is an important decision every cat owner needs to make at some point. Not only will your cat sitter be responsible for caring for a member of your family, but he or she may have access to your unattended home. You need to find a cat sitter that is reliable, knowledgeable, responsible, and trustworthy.

Here are a few tips to finding a good cat sitter:

1) Training and Certification – A passion for cats is a must, but not enough on its own. Ask your prospective cat sitter about what they’ve done to train and educate themselves about cat behavior, body language, and cat health to keep your cat safe and in good health. Whenever possible hire a certified cat sitter from an accredited organization.

2) References – After speaking with potential cat sitters, ask them to provide the names and phone numbers of other former and current clients. Be sure to ask about their punctuality, honesty, and reliability.

3) Insurance/License – Many professional cat sitters have an insurance policy in case something happens to your cat while under their care. Find out if the cat sitter has insurance, just in case. Additionally, some cities and towns have ordinances that require cat sitters and other pet care professionals to be licensed. If your locality requires a license, make sure your cat sitter has it.

4) Special Circumstances – Some cats become stressed when they are uncomfortable or in unfamiliar surroundings, and other cats have medical or health issues. If your cat has any special circumstances or issues, ask if the cat sitter has ever worked with another cat with similar issues.

5) Rates – Depending on where you live, whether the cat sitter will be boarding your cat, or how often the cat sitter will visit your home, a cat sitter will charge different rates. Call around to make sure you are paying a fair price for the services that are being given.

6) Personal Interaction – Once you believe you have a good match for your needs and the needs of your cat, it’s a good idea to meet with a potential cat sitter to get to know him or her more personality. Be sure to bring your cat along for the meeting so you can make sure it’s a good match.

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