Why Cats Need a Cat Sitter

Although cats have a reputation for being independent, this doesn’t mean that leaving your feline friends home alone for very long is a good idea. Accidents happen. Everything from a sudden illness to an overturned water dish can be disastrous if it happens while your cat is home alone, but a cat sitter can make sure these issues are handled promptly.

Having a pet sitter is even more important if your animal is older, disabled in any way, or you plan to be gone more than a normal workday. Kittens also benefit from the human socialization from a sitter.

A good cat sitter should know your cat personally, to the point that they are able to spot strange behavior. The sitter should also have no problem picking up your cat and inspecting it carefully. If your animal runs from them, hisses, or is otherwise opposed, especially if the cat is normally friendly, that particular sitter may be a poor fit.

An astute sitter will also be on the lookout for any other home issues arising from the pet, such as soiling incidents or overturned dishes. Having a sitter entering the home also deters burglary by making the home appear occupied.