Why You Should Hire a Cat Sitter

Cat SitterWhen going out of town, many cat owners leave a clean litter box and plenty of food and water, and assume that feline family members can take care of themselves. If you know your cat well, however, then you know that beneath that independent spirit lies a creature who needs attention and affection — on his own terms, of course.

Cat sitters can never substitute for a feline’s master, but they can meet your cat’s needs and ensure that he doesn’t suffer from too much change in his routine. Feeding times are particularly tricky when leaving a cat unattended. If he is accustomed to receiving food at specific intervals, then allowing free feeding even for a few days can affect his emotional and digestive health. Going back to his previous schedule when you return may cause further distress.

Cats are also fastidious creatures, as evidenced by their constant grooming. Leaving their litter box unattended for a few days may not seem like a big deal to their human owners, but to a feline it can be nerve-racking. If their bathroom area does not meet their standards, they will go elsewhere.

Although they would like us to think we need them more than they need us, cats depend on humans for companionship. Whether you choose to board your pets or have a sitter come to your home, your cat will handle your absence much more successfully with another human around. Cat sitters can maintain your feline‚Äôs routine, keep his environment sanitary and — most importantly to him — scratch that spot right above his tail while you are gone.

Photo: Flickr