Why You Should Hire a Cat Sitter

Cats seem to be much more independent creatures than dogs, less reliant on us to give them our every moment. But cats can become lonely and stressed too, especially if you are going to be away from the house for any prolonged period of time.

A cat sitter will be able to make sure that your cats are doing well, and they should do this with loving care. Check out the references of potential cat sitters, and call customers to see if they have been pleased with their services. Invite the potential cat sitter over, and see if she gets along well with your cats.

Cats do not do well in a veterinary or boarding facility, perhaps even less handily as a dog will. They are accustomed to moving around a lot more than some dogs do, and will resent the lack of space, and will miss the one on one interaction they get with you.

You will have an easier time concentrating on that late business meeting, or spending time away, if you know that someone is carefully and patiently taking care of your cats, while you can’t be home.

If you aren’t home, your cats may become stressed and bored. They will fare much better if you have someone stopping by, ideally twice a day or so, to check on your cats, pick their litter boxes, and make sure their food and water containers are full.

Additionally, cats may act out if they are left alone, ripping and scratching at furniture they usually ignore while you’re at home. Good cat sitters should be attuned to behavior changes in your cats, or anything that might indicate that your cats are not feeling well. They should provide some playtime and affection to your cats, so that the time you’re away won’t overwhelm them as much.